Multi Shipping & Payment Methods

Choose from product delivery or self-pickup. Bank transfer or accepting bank card option with GST Ready.

Product Viewed & Purchased Report

Get your reports on best seller products or most viewed products on your site.

Discount Coupon System

Multiple discount methods available, vary from amount, percentage or even scheduled offer.

Schedule Launch of Product & Offer

Automatically launch an offer or product on specific scheduled date & time.

Real-Time Order Notification

Customer & seller get instant email notification after their order placed.

Email Marketing with Customer Database

Built-in email marketing tools & collect all customer records for future re-marketing campaign.

You May Like This Product

Related product recommendation for up-selling add-on to make more sales in one transaction.

Invoicing & Delivery Order

Auto issue ordering email confirmation to customer & seller, also create printable & digital invoice with your branding logo & details.

Unlimited Categories & Pages

Create own custom pages, eg. “Product Story”, “How to Order” & etcs. Also may create multi-categories for your products.


No regional boundaries to sell your products across the country.

No Maintenance Cost

Zero maintenance cost for your online presence to sell your products through no bricks and mortar cost burden.

Save Offline-Overhead Cost

No hiring needed to process your online order. Man-power cost saving!

Reduce Workload

minimize human-error on processing orders.

No Order Mistake

Get rid of order-error or returned wrongly sent items.

Avoid Miscommunication Hassle

No argument on processing orders!

Designed to Drive Orders & Boost Your Brand!

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